Wedge and Bow Awnings

These are ideal to put over doors and windows for sun and rain protection

Pram Awnings

Ideal to control the amount of sunlight over windows

Fold Arm Awnings

A very neat and compact system with various length positions

Tunnel Awnings

A nice rounded awning to use at walkways and entrances

Adjustable Awnings

A very durable and long lasting awning that always looks nice and can control the amount of sunlight let in

Fixed IBR Awnings

A no maintenance – water tight product that always looks neat

Underdeck Awnings

A very high class finished product that is water tight, downlights can be added and it is ideal for an entertainment area

Tension Sails

A modern look shade solution for any area needing covering, also ideal for play areas

Carports & Shadenets

Provides good protection against sun and hail for you vehicle

A-frame Awnings

A nice A-frame awning to use at walkways and entrances

Pergola Awnings

A neat and unique system that is adjustable to partially or fully cover an area

Dropscreen Awnings

Excellent for enclosing entertainment areas, restaurants and lapas