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We manufacture customized awnings according to your needs.


We have a wide range of awnings to best suit your application.

Our Range of Awnings

Fixed Wedge Awnings

Our wedge awnings are all custom made to your needs. Mostly manufactured and installed for weather purposes and designed in a triangular shape.

Fixed Bow Awnings

The Bow Awnings are similar to our wedge awnings except having a curved nose on the front end and are also available in various colours.

Pram Retractable Awnings

This specific awning derives its name from a “pram” like design which are commonly used for sun protection for windows as well as letting light in.

Folding Arm Awnings

This awning is mainly used over patios. The benefit of this solution is being no structural design and more compact. The second benefit is being able to adjust the pitch angle of the awning manually or electronically.

Drop Arm Awnings

This awning is being able to drop the awning completely to cover a window  for your late afternoon sun. Also available in different colours

Pergola Awnings

Pergola awnings are for much larger areas and is mainly characterized with a downward scollop design mainly used for patios. These awning structures are available in wood, steel or aluminium.

Drop Screen Awnings

This canvas-like awning are very popular to cover areas for entertaining or outer perimeters of Restaurants and outdoor patios. This awning is available in 3 systems such as rope & pulley, Gear system or motorized

Steel IBR Roof Awnings

Mainly used for entertainment areas but a more permanent structure.

Underdeck Ceiling Awnings

This awning gives in indoor feel where lighting is applicable in the décor but still remains a fixed roofing & guttering system.

Adjustable Louvre Awnings

A stylish outdoor solution to your patio with light and air adjustable control. Can be manually operated or motorized.

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